Life Is Bigger

Hit snooze. Struggle awake. Find son’s clothes. Fix breakfast. Fix lunchbox. Find my clothes. Drive to school. Drive to work. Work. Work. Work. Lunch. Check Facebook or MySpace. Work. Work. Drive home. Cook supper. Ask how everyone’s day went. Give baths. Go to bed.


And the weekends aren’t much different.

Who doesn’t know the feeling of being caught up in routine? Habit is comforting. It provides structure in a world that is mostly just confusing. It soothes away the need for contemplation.

The problem is this: life is bigger. It is bigger than our narrow experience, our jam-packed schedules, our established ways of thinking. Life is new and exciting, full of opportunities both large and small.

Life is bigger than buying groceries. It is also finding coupons, creating recipe scrapbooks, cooking with the kids and hosting cooking parties and freezer recipe weekends.

Life is bigger than having a drink with someone who gives us flutters in our tummies. It is also exploring personalities, indulging the senses, learning about interpersonal dynamics and becoming better, stronger people all around.

Life is bigger than putting the kids to bed. It is singing a prayer, making up new stories, instilling values and chasing monsters out from under the bed.

Life is bigger than the bum on the corner. It is sharing prosperity, being thankful for what we have, exploring the root reasons for poverty and understanding why our society works the way it does.

Life is bigger than the polls. It is also delving into our root values, discerning between ideologies, seeking out new ideas and judging whether an idea is worth adopting or keeping.

Life is bigger than a paycheck. It is also planning for the future, safeguarding our economic systems, protecting ourselves from those who would take what we have and getting the most out of life that we can.

Life is bigger than everyday. It is the last century, the beginning of time, yesterday, next year and a hundred years hence.

Life is bigger than us. It is everyone we contact, and everyone they contact, and everyone who receives a small impression of what we feel, think, or believe.

We have options about how we spend the life we have, regardless of our reason for having it. We can choose to bog down into details relevant only to our particular view at one particular moment, which is plenty for some people to deal with. Or we can choose to make our own life bigger, to find joy and excitement in the most mundane tasks or to wrestle with bigger issues that have more subtle effects on our lives.

I’m more of the second type, partly because I’m an adrenaline junkie and partly because I’m never content with just enough. When I get too caught up in the daily plod, I start getting restless and discontent, which is, honestly, not easy on the people around me. Sometimes I throw things.

So although I appreciate the people who make the first choice, since they are pretty essential to keeping the world running around me, this blog is for the second type. People who want more – a little more or a lot more. People who want to understand everything and be the best at anything. People who one day want to create a streamlined food preparation system in their kitchen, the next day want to write a love song, the third day want to damn the man and buck the system, the fourth day want to hide in a cave, and the fifth day want to save the world.

In short, this blog is for people who know that life is bigger.

“Oh, life is bigger/It’s bigger than you/ And you are not me….” – R.E.M. Losing My Religion


~ by gypsyjonga on May 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Life Is Bigger”

  1. wonderful, exactly, to the point.

  2. Damn the Man, Save the Empire…. I am type two with ya.

  3. What a beautiful thing. I like it bigger. Great job, Jenny, I look forward to reading more of your blogs!!

  4. So very true…and beautifully written. I needed to read this today.

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