Why I Like Richard Burr AND Elaine Marshall, Or… Sappy Politics in NC

Okay, I’ll admit it. I like them both.

Not only that, I like them both for the worst of reasons – personal ones.

Personal feelings have no place in politics, I know. But my heartstrings get tugged so little that it is a big deal when they do.

Marshall, for instance, challenger to Richard Burr’s U.S. Senate seat, caught my heart when she spoke at one of my graduations. She was passionate, articulate, and seemed happy to be there. I don’t remember what she said, but I liked it.

I met her representative at The Imperial Center’s Meet and Greet a couple of weeks ago. He had a personal connection to her, as well.

This gentleman (whose name was written down in the notebook my daughter must have eaten) is Marshall’s handyman. He has never worked a campaign before, but he feels so strongly that she would be a good leader, that he is promoting her for Senate this year.

His sincerity was in no doubt. He told me about how his daughter had gone off to college in DC and broke her leg. When Marshall found out, she called him and helped him find the best care possible for his daughter.

I didn’t think to ask who paid for it and whether he had insurance. That would have made this story way more interesting.

Burr has my interest because his staff is so awesome. I am working on a project to prevent fraud in a certain government program, and I needed some legally-sound information about it. After my boss told me that our politicians have research divisions specifically to help us, their citizens, I gave his office a call.

I started with the NC office. After listening to me stumble through a two-minute explanation of what I thought I might need, if it was available and possible, not sure I called the right department, please, thank you very much… the receptionist brightly said, “Oh! The DC office can help you with that better than we can!” and transferred me.

After going through my long explanation again, I was transferred to someone else, who asked a lot of questions like she was interested. Then she said she knew just who could help me and transferred me. I left a message and had a call back in an hour, some basic information, more info sent via email, and a promise to send the question on to legal research for further research, marked as urgent.

I had the exact information I needed in less than a week. In-depth knowledge and a couple of tips of trends to watch.

I have to appreciate how good that made me look.

So…who am I going to vote for? I dunno yet. But I think I’ll feel warm and fuzzy either way.


~ by gypsyjonga on October 23, 2010.

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