Gender Roles in Fable 3, Or…Betraying My Sex

(Friday night, my husband laid on the sofa with his head in my lap as I agonized over choosing my Fable 3 character. He gave me the game for our 5th wedding anniversary.)

Me: Was I male last time, or female?

Brad: I don’t know. Just pick one.

Me: I should be a female, but I don’t know. It really limits my options.

(Pause, then startled laugh from Brad.)

Brad: That’s the most sexist thing I’ve ever heard anyone just come out and say!

Me: Well, what if my character gets pregnant? Can I run around slaying hobbes with a belly bulge? Don’t think so. If I’m a prince, I can sleep with whoever I want to and not worry about it.

Brad: That’s just wrong.

Me: Don’t we have three kids?


~ by gypsyjonga on November 24, 2010.

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