Your Day Without Shoes (Jun 11), Or…Walking Like God Intended

I went to college (the first time) with a guy whose girlfriend had never been barefoot outside in her life.

It tripped me out, because she was a hippy chic. Well, not a real hippy chic, but the upper-upper-middle-class, vegetarian, hemp jewelry, pacifist, intelligentsia liberal free-thinking type. I think there is another word for it now, but this was the mid-90s in Asheville, so anyone who smelled like patchouli was called a hippy.

Anyway, as into the all-natural deal as she was, she had never walked outside with no shoes on. Something about germs or worms or dirtiness or something. So one day, Randy finally took her out in to the grass and made her take her shoes off and wiggle her toes around in it. It blew her freakin’ mind.

Me? I grew up barefoot. Jumping around in mud puddles and stuff. I still go barefoot anytime I am not in a restaurant, a school, a business, or driving. Yesterday I was out in the green bean field weeding when my ankles and hips started burning from walking over the uneven ground. I pulled off my shoes and walked barefoot in the (oh-so-soft-and-warm) dirt between the rows. Ahhhhhh….because my feet could shift and adjust to the terrain and I wasn’t lurching myself back and forth, off balance the whole time.

My kids go barefoot. All of them, even the 1-year-old, have got some tough little feet. Barefeet are healthier for little ones; research shoes that kids who go barefoot have stronger, more supple feet with fewer deformities. They have better posture, are less likely to fracture an ankle or foot bone, and have fewer foot problems like bunions, heel spurs, and posture-related back pain in their 20s. Arch support is actually bad for foot development – it can cause foot deformities. Barefoot babies learn to walk earlier and fall less.

So….the reason I am saying all this is because Saturday, June 11 is YOUR DAY WITHOUT SHOES. Check out the site: The Primalfoot Alliance.

And because I want to win a free book called The Barefoot Running Book Second Edition: A Practical Guide to the Art and Science of Barefoot and Minimalist Shoe Running from this guy: .

Not that I’m a runner. I just like to win stuff. If I win it, I promise to give it to the Ghiloni family – runners every one.


~ by gypsyjonga on June 9, 2011.

One Response to “Your Day Without Shoes (Jun 11), Or…Walking Like God Intended”

  1. Great post and thank you for sharing! Did you know its not illegal to be in any of those places barefoot? You get strange looks from time to time, but laws and health codes were not written for the patrons, but for the employees.

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