“North Carolina, In the Morning Rise Up,” Or….Rocky Mount’s Rise blog

Because Lori, one of my favorite bloggers (http://loriharris.me/), is one of those people who gets off her butt and actually does something instead of waiting for someone else to do it first and then invite her in on the action…..

And because too many people in Rocky Mount are looking for something to love about this town….but don’t know where to find the people who do love it…

And because you get what you expect, and if you expect nastiness that’s all you’ll notice, but if you expect beauty and out-of-the-ordinariness you’ll find it everywhere…

And because I love this crazy place where I live, and the crazy people in it, and all the craziness I’ve done and experienced while I was here…

I’ve been honored to kick off the new Rise blog about Rocky Mount, started by the absolutely amazing Lori, and open for everyone to write for and send photos to, with this post: http://rockymountstories.wordpress.com/2013/07/29/rocky-mount/ 

An excerpt: “It’s the railroad tracks. It’s sitting on the deck at Chico’s, staring at the river, talking about all the things that matter in life and feeding tortilla chips to the turtles. It’s watching people fish at City Lake. It’s Charlie, the homeless man who stops in the parking lot at Good Shepherd to ask for a prayer and a snack and to tell me that God loves me and he does, too, and he won’t let nobody bother me when I walk down the street.”

Read it. And Rise Up. And Share.


~ by gypsyjonga on July 29, 2013.

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