Poem for Dr. Watson, Or….Remember

A poem for Dr. Watson, my Lit teacher at Nash Community College, who is retiring…

Yes, I will remember you,
And in my prayers will keep you,
For I know the gifts you ardently shared
In knowledge, care, and learned discourse,
Launched my drifting craft onto a different course,
Than any channel, on my own, I would have dared…

And when our prayers meld in the ears of heaven,
May our joys be increased, and our hardships be leavened.
-Jenny Braswell

(In response to a stanza from a poem written by her great-uncle John Charles McNeill, first Poet Laureate of North Carolina. The poem is called “Sunburnt Boys” and the stanza is:

You will not, will you, soon forget
When I was one of you
Nor love me less that time
Has borne my craft to currents new
Nor shall I ever cease to share
Your hardships and your joys. . .)


~ by gypsyjonga on July 31, 2013.

2 Responses to “Poem for Dr. Watson, Or….Remember”

  1. Love it Jenny! Poetry is not my thing! Wish it were…

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