It’s Been Awhile, Or….Just Thinkin’

I’ve had to make some changes, set some priorities, move some stuff on back and some other stuff up front. My body keeps acting like it’s old. I gotta give it some space.

On the other hand, my coworkers thought I was a decade younger than I am. The preservatives must be working. Pass the bottle on down one more time.

My mom shocked me recently by getting her truck stuck in the mud while she was trying to chase down the end of a rainbow. I guess it is genetic.

Will my kids know that I am a person who also chases rainbows? Do they realize that I am impulsive and fun and silly and a little mystical under my responsible mommy-me?

It’s hard to write for fun when you write for a living.

NaNoWriMo – missed it.

I’m glad I don’t have ADD. This post would REALLY be all over the place if I did.

I’ve adopted two puppies this year. They have added a whole new layer of peace to my life. Four dogs now. When I walk across the room and pet each one that looks up and wags at me, I feel like a priest bestowing blessings on excited children. Sometimes, when no one is around, I say, “Bless you, my doggy” as I pet each one.



~ by gypsyjonga on March 4, 2014.

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