About GypsyJonga

After a short but arduous life journey, I am now a mother, a writer, a nonprofit development professional, a wife, a photographer and just generally confused.

My background is in politics, philosophy, rural economic development, anarchy and punk (although I can’t remember most of that).

I grew up on a tobacco farm, then lived in the haven of the different called Asheville, North Carolina, then lived in the icon to money called Charlotte, North Carolina. I presently live in a very interesting place.

I dropped out of college the first time I went, believing that smarts and experience would get me anything I needed. I returned to school when I was 25 and graduated at age 29 with a B.A. in International Studies.

Life is only getting bigger.


2 Responses to “About GypsyJonga”

  1. Hey girl. So this is your blog! How do I follow it?
    I love the picture at the top. did you do this?


    • Yay, Dawn, you’re here! You can subscribe in a reader or by email from the main page, on the right, just above the Twitter section.

      I’ll also be launching a new one soon… called Make Life Bigger! I’ll make sure you get a link when it is ready.

      I did do that picture myself. It is a giant Ficus Benjamina tree in the Royal Botanical Gardens of Sri Lanka. It covers 2,989 square yards and is beyond beautiful!

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